A thrill that goes through you when you go to the assault of frozen lagoons or golden dunes.

A breath of freedom that carries you when you discover a new piece of secluded land.

A feeling of fullness that entrances you in front of a paradisiacal landscape.

A bracelet that awakes your desire of escape.

MOHA, the ethical

MOHA bracelets are made in a garment factory right in the heart of Belgium.

With its social approach, MOHA has decided to entrust production to a sheltered workshop.

The bracelets are designed and handmade with care.

MOHA, the resistant

The materials they are made of are selected from trusted suppliers; sustainable elements which are resistant to the effects of water and sun.

They can be exposed to extreme weather conditions without altering its appearance.

Henceforth you can calmly dive into the depths of the ocean, bracelet on your wrist.

Resilient against winds and tides …

MOHA, the committed

Two thirds of our ravaged planet is covered by the ocean.

This is why MOHA gives 15% of its profits to the The Ocean Clean Up association.

In 2015 Time magazine hailed it “One of the best inventions in the world”. The Ocean Cleanup has developed cutting edge technologies to clean the ocean of plastics.

A way to close the loop and give back to the sea what it never stops giving us.